Use this page to define where you want the discussion about the Media's Effect on Body Image to go. This discussion is designed to breach the topic of the media's effect on body image - for both men and women. Share links to information that you have found, as well as help to organize your thoughts. Keep in mind that the questions that I have posted are only guidelines - if you have a specific direction you want the discussion to go, edit the page (double click anywhere and it will take you into the editor) and add your question - this is YOUR discussion topic.

Here are some possible questions to be answered on the topic of the Media's Effect on Body Image:Edit

  • Does the media have an effect on an individual's body image?
  • If it does, why? If it doesn't, why not?
  • Does the current media effect one sex (male/female) more than the other?
  • If so, why does it?
  • Does the media have a positive or negative effect on body image?
  • If the media does effect body image negatively, who should be held accountable?

You can either put your questions here or above. This discussion is yours.Edit

Double click to edit this page. Or you can use the discussion page (look in the upper right corner!!).

Here are some links to get you started....Edit

The Beauty Myth (Class website, not mine)

The Psychology of Beauty (Blog detailing the psychology of beauty - again, not mine)

Media Effects Eating Disorders (Wiki - please do not edit!! - again, not mine)

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